Healthy Energy


Okay, so you long ago tossed energy drinks out the window. You start reading about the “healthy” energy supplement you have been taking and find out they aren’t so top notch either (guilty!)…but, your still tired…and you still need that extra pick me up. Do you go back to that daily coffee, drink a couple pops throughout the day? Well that would defeat the purpose of healthy living! So then what can you safely, effectively, and healthily do to increase that energy you have been lacking lately?

Bet you will never guess what my first suggestion will be… yep, WATER! Drink more water (now who do I sound like?!) Everybody has heard about the confusion between thinking you’re hungry but really being thirst, well that goes the same with fatigue; you think you’re tired but actually you are thirsty! Another thing to try drinking is switching out that morning coffee with a low fat latte, the milk can provide an extra energy boost.

Feeling sleepy might also be caused by a magnesium deficiency and to help get this back in check you should try consuming things rich in magnesium like almonds, cashews, whole grains or fish. You might also want to get your thyroid checked by a doctor, sometimes this can be an underlying cause of many issues- including a reason why you might be having troubles losing weight!

Don’t skip breakfast! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it helps get your metabolism going and can really boost your energy. Skipping any meal is never good, but breakfast sets the tone for your entire day, don’t skip it! This one is easier said than done; eliminate stress! Stress and anxiety use up energy quickly, you could sit around all day and still feel exhausted if you are stressed out about something. Learn to deal with your stressors and work on coping skills for your anxiety. The energy you save will be worth it!

Walking can also boost your energy. A brisk 10 minute walk can help you maintain your energy for an additional 2 hours! Sunshine can also help so take a quick walk outdoors if you’re able to.


A few last minute pick me ups… laugh, look at something red, yawn, eat chia seeds or stretch!

For more information on how these things all help check out these two websites:,,20502284_4,00.html


One thought on “Healthy Energy

  1. I had no idea that water would give you an energy boost. I’ve known that when you think you’re hungry you could actually be thirsty but this one is new to me. It seems that all roads lead to water! I’m going to have to up my water consumption and see what that does for me! Your blog on healthier living is great, keep the info coming!


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