It Works!

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One more multi-level marketing company added into the mix that I have tried is It Works! I did try several of the products but the one I want to talk about today are the body wraps. Lose inches within hours- yes please! You pick an area of your body you want to be toned and tightened and you apply this wrap to that area after it has been cleaned. I chose to do my stomach, left the wrap on for the appropriate amount of time, took it off, measured my problem area, and low and behold- I had lost inches!! Wahoo, this is great, let’s try another! The wraps come in a box of 4 and if you sign up as a customer you can get them for $59 a box, otherwise they are $99 a box, but even at that price, $25 to lose inches off my stomach I’m in!! But, what gives, why is everybody else not doing this miracle cure for that unwanted excess fat?

At this point I did buy four wraps so I did try all of them, but I started to look into things a little bit. There aren’t many side effects to the wraps, the only notable ones were bloating and flu like symptoms, but the real question is; does the weight stay off?! It sure didn’t for me…

There are no proven results that these wraps even detox the body like they also claim to do, but they do tone and tighten your body…for a couple days. Between the wrap and the water they recommend you drink you are mainly just moisturizing your skin and plumping it up which will reduce the appearance of cellulite. However, if you don’t continue regular treatments your body will go back to the way it used to be in just a few days.


So, not a long term fix but this would be great for a day at the beach or a honeymoon where you only need the short term results! Want to feel good for a short period of time, these wraps definitely work for that, just don’t look to them for a weight loss, healthy lifestyle sort of plan. I think we are slowly learning that clean eating and exercise is about the only permanent fix out there, but don’t worry, I’ll keep searching!


One thought on “It Works!

  1. I have never tried It Works, but a friend of mine sells these products and says she loves the stuff they have to offer. I am a bigger girl and would love to try the wraps, but I guess the part that turns me off is that its just a temporary thing, and I think it would be way more beneficial health wise and financially as well to just go get a gym membership.


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