Counting Steps


So you won’t to get healthy but don’t have the time to do- or you don’t even know where to start?! Sound familiar? Of course, everybody has been there before, but there are easy ways to get started without taking up to much time! Counting steps is a really great way to start. You can find an inexpensive step counter on amazon for about $2 or you could invest in something like the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband if you plan to get serious. This is around $90 but it monitors your heart rate, your sleep activity and you steps! After you get your step counter set yourself a daily goal that you want to hit every day- in our office we have competitions to see who can walk the most steps in a week! I work in an office sitting at my desk ALL DAY LONG… so this is hard for me to get my steps in. In order to make my goals I do things like choose the stairs instead of elevators, park in the farthest parking spot at the grocery store, take the long way to the bathroom, and sometimes when I can get up early enough I even choose to walk to work. There are little things throughout your day that can really add up if you just make a conscious effort.


Other ways I have found to help burn a few extra calories when there is no time in the day to go to the gym:

Turn on the radio while your cleaning- and don’t be afraid to crank it up! Do a little butt shake while doing the dishes- and feel free to sing along. An upbeat song and a boring chore can go together quite nicely to get the task done and dancing will definitely burn some extra calories!

Going for a bike ride with your child? Skip the bike and jog behind them instead. Have a younger child who doesn’t ride bike, take them in the wagon, pulling a wagon seems to be more strenuous than pushing a stroller. What about that older child that rides to fast for your jogging abilities?! Well then just ride alongside them with your own bike; biking can be just as good of a cardio workout as running.

Stretch while watching television! It is a mindless thing that won’t interrupt your program, I promise! You can also do things like crunches during the show and during the commercials get up and do a few jumping jacks, or some mountain climbers.

Also things that can save you money and give you a workout are about the best choices possible! Instead of taking your car to the car wash and spending $10- wash it yourself! Get the kids involved too, turn it into a water fight if you want to. Chances are if you have children and you don’t have time for exercise you often miss out on playing with the kids as well, use opportunities like this to spend some time together, my son LOVES cleaning toilets- and of course I love that he loves it! Cleaning the house is something that we enjoy doing together and after everything is done we play games since I did it in half the time with his help!


You should also consider waking up a few minutes earlier and going for a run, etc. before the rest of the family even wakes up. I am one who likes to sleep as much as I can so waking up was hard for me to think about at first. I now actually wake up and hour and a half earlier every morning from what I used to so I can get to the gym, shower, and make breakfast before anybody else wakes up and as crazy as it may sound I have MORE energy than I did when I slept in! I not only feel better about myself for doing it but I am also able to stay awake at work now- no Mountain Dew needed! Exercise does give us more energy, so even if you just try waking up 20 minutes early to head out for a brisk morning walk, give it a try, you might be surprised!


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