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I found an interesting discovery today. At my work we always have treats, birthdays anniversaries, somebody’s leftovers from home… and I have always been able to say, “No, thank you.” to them, until recently. I work right next to our break room, so when I need water or need to use the restroom I walk past these sweet treats- which of course happens very frequently throughout the day. Lately it doesn’t matter what is there, chocolate, cake, cookies, bars, anything I see I want to eat. It’s very frustrating and I feel like my will power is slipping so I decided to google a solution and in the process I may have found a cause to my problem! Did you know that craving sugar can actually mean you have a different underlying problem? I want to share with you some symptoms, problems, and solutions I found when you are craving sugar.

First if you are stressed, tired and have frequent headaches while craving sugar you may have a thyroid problem. The solution to this is to drink more water to help flush out your system, cut back on caffeine and switch to herbal tea, and ban processed foods because they take longer to digest. Also be sure to get lots of rest because sleep optimizes energy levels, reduces appetite, and cuts back on your sugar cravings!

Next, if you can’t get through the day without bread or sugar and you have recently been on antibiotics or taken antacids, you may have a yeast infection. Antibiotics take away your good bacterium that neutralizes our stomach acid that tackles the bad bacteria, we crave sugar and bread because our body converts these to glucose. Sugar makes the yeast multiply, which just makes the cycle continue. To eliminate this you need to cut all sugar from your diet and try taking a probiotic or even yogurt twice a day for several months can help with this problem.

You could also have an adrenaline overload. The signs of this are irritability when hungry, stressed or dizzy when standing, frequent sore throat, constant thirst, or frequent urination. This occurs when you are constantly under pressure, your glands will become sluggish and we turn to sugar for a quick burst of energy. To help prevent this you should graze on high protein meals throughout the day to keep your energy levels steady- and of course, reduce your stress levels if possible!

A few other options for your need of sugar may be… you are not feeling emotionally supported and might need acceptance, pleasure, or love. Your body could be lacking certain nutrients and you are actually craving chocolate because of a deficiency. One of the biggest issues though, is stress and anxiety and your cravings then are called emotional eating. Try taking a brisk walk if you are experiencing this and your urges should dissipate!

We do need some sugars for our body to work appropriately but too much sugar is definitely a bad thing. Excess amounts of sugar ages you, lower your immune system, increase inflammation, disrupt normal brain function, and also can lead to diabetes and obesity. So, we are human and do need to indulge once in a while but be cautious to how often you are spoiling yourself- it could be something more serious than just a quick sugar fix or it could potentially lead to more harmful side effects.



One thought on “Sugar

  1. I am surprised that sugar can have a lot of harmful effects to us.I knew sugar can lead to obesity and diabetes but I never knew it can cause someone have reduced immunity.I am might go further and eliminate sugar from all of my diet.After all the price to pay is high.


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