Body Rock TV

Alright followers, I have something exciting I want to share with you. A coworker of mine told me a while back about this BodyRock TV thing she was doing. I let it go in one ear and out the other because I don’t have TV so I clearly wasn’t going to be checking this out. Whoops guess I should have listened better…weeks later she invited me to the Facebook Page called BodyRock TV. Guess I should have paid more attention, but come one, who calls a Facebook Page “TV” I’m sure you see my confusion. Well it has now become an addiction of mine- mostly because I get bored and they are always posting things that show up on my newsfeed so of course I have to read them. This page is great people! I strongly encourage you to check it out!

The claim they are “here to get you in the best shape of your life for FREE from your very own home.” Got your attention now didn’t I?! Yep, I said FREE- daily advice that doesn’t cost you a penny and the best part is, you don’t care about it, don’t read about it! You get to pick and choose what actually interests you, and trust me there is enough stuff there that I guarantee you will find something of interest. Today’s hot topic that caught my eye, “Does Taking a Huge Dump Help You Lose Weight?” and the answer…Yes! It may not be significant and as you get backed up again you may gain the weight back, but initially yes, you will notice a weight drop. There are many other fun facts like this, or there are posts about the newest equipment you can use to lose weight like the Bosu Ball. There are posts about body images, healthy foods to choose, and unhealthy ones to avoid, the list goes on and on. They also usually have fun catchy titles like the BodyRock Throwback: Spank Me Maybe featuring a YouTube video. This page keeps me excited about working out and gets me excited to learn about healthy living. They have everything I have been looking for and I am grateful that my co-worker introduced me to it so I figured I would spread the love! Enjoy-



One thought on “Body Rock TV

  1. I’m glad you shared this! I thought the same thing when you said TV, I was like ah, man I don’t have one. But after you explained that it is on Facebook, I was all ears! I love learning about healthy foods and workouts. Thanks for sharing!


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