Alright, so I have recently noticed that apples make me burp. No matter how slow I eat them, how little air I take in while eating, I still let out a nice little burp when I am done. I told my co-worker it was from the apples and she giggled, and so we decided to google it so I could sound intelligent and not get laughed at when somebody else notices! It was true and I found out another piece of vital information while googling it. Apples contain high levels of fructose and it can be hard for your body to digest that. Fruits like apples, bananas, cherries and peaches all contain fructose and can cause gas. They also can contain high levels of fiber which can also be difficult to digest. Eating one may not be a problem but any more can cause serious gas and even bloating. But I love apples, so then what?! Here is the information I am surprised I have never heard before! Don’t eat fruit with your meals. Fruit should be consumed separately from your meals on an empty stomach, consuming fruit with a partially digested stomach causes greater gassiness. Always try to eat fruit one-two hours before and after any meals you consume and this will help to prevent the gas and/or bloating!

A few other things to avoid if you want to eliminate bloating and gas:

Canned soup since your body will dilute the sodium with water which leads to retention and canned soup has a lot of sodium!

Cruciferous veggies like brussel sprouts, broccoli or cauliflower because they contain raffinose which is a sugar that produces gas (however these fruits are very good for you so only avoid if you plan on spending a day at the beach and want to skip out on the bloat!).

Dairy contains lactose which is tough for the tummy to digest- the worst is foamed milk.

Heavy starches also cause gas and water retention so pass on the potatoes!broccoli_gives_me_gas_card-p137350256368285723envwi_400


2 thoughts on “Fruit=Gas

  1. Lol good to know! This kind of reminds me of my recent discovery that when I eat ramen noodles my eyelids puff and swell up terribly, and I found out it’s because there’s so much sodium in it so I’m trying to stay away from it now


    1. That’s interesting I would have never have thought of having a problem with your eye lids swelling! I knew sodium could have a bloating effect but didn’t realize ramen noodles had so much sodium in them, I have heard that they are not very good for you though! Thanks for sharing another fun discovery 🙂


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