Sleep more, weigh less? Well yes, but just sleeping isn’t going to get you that great figure! There are many reason why sleep is important and your health is a pretty big one. First of all being tired gives us a lot of excuses, like why you can’t exercise or why you needed that extra mountain dew… sound familiar?

Your body also creates more ghrelin when you are sleep deprived. Don’t worry I have never heard of this before either, so what is ghrelin? It’s what signals your brain that it’s time to eat… increase this and your increasing these signals and thinking feed me, feed me that much more! Worse yet, sleep deprivation leads to lower levels of leptin, this hormone says put the fork down, without it…you just keep eating. So more sleep really does lead to better eating habits.


When we are sleep deprived we are also more inclined to snack on high carb foods and we have a harder time saying no to unhealthy foods because our rewards center is revved up.

How much sleep you need varies from person to person, but the average person will need from 7-9 hours of sleep every night.

To figure out how much sleep you need, next time you are on vacation go to bed at your normal time and don’t use an alarm clock to wake up, you might initially sleep more to “catch up” but after a few days however many hours you are sleeping is typically how much sleep your body needs. I am one of the unlucky few who needs like 10 hours of sleep to function properly, share your results with us if you already know how much sleep you need!


We actually burn more calories by sleeping than we do watching television too! So shut off that episode you just couldn’t miss and hit the sack- you will appreciate it tomorrow!

More helpful hints on the correlation of sleep and weight loss can be found at


6 thoughts on “Sleeping

  1. Love your post here, I am currently struggling to sleep well at night and im not sure why! I didnt know that you lost more weight while you were sleeping either! This is great to know, Thankfully I am not a big TV watcher. I did not know what ghrelin was either but now I do! Very informing post thanks.


    1. I love this! Sleep is my best friend! I currently cannot survive without at least 8 hours of sleep but my body actually needs 10 also! I wish I could find a way to get in that ten hours with such a busy schedule.


  2. I didn’t know that you have to sleep over 7 hours to function properly.Maybe because I sleep 5 hours per day on average-this might mean I am sleep deprived if the average is 7 -9 hours. I will try to put more hours in sleeping ,probably 6.5 hours but not 10 hours !


  3. Wow great blog!! I typically sleep at least 7hours a night, and if I don’t or can’t because of my crazy work hours I will take a nap when I get off. But most days I do hit at least 7hours, and what a difference it makes! I am in a better mood I have also never weighed over 120 my whole life, I eat healthier, and I am more productive when I get a good nights rest! The extra hours of sleep is well worth is because you will be that much more healthy and productive throughout your day!


  4. Wow this is a great post!! I recently was put on a new medication that makes me extra sleepy in the mornings, and causes me to sleep longer than I usually do, but after reading your post, it would seem that its just my body’s way of saying I actually need that much sleep


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