Here’s another thing I’ve tried- smoking. I started when I was 15 when my cousin locked me in the changing rooms at our local State Park beach house and said, “It’s cool everybody is doing it!” I know we have all heard that one. I was scared, but I did it, and I hated it- so why did I keep doing it? Who knows, but for 9 years I was a daily smoker. I quit while I was pregnant with my son, but started right back up after I had him. It was my stress reliever; little did I know it was actually adding stress in my life! But when my son got big enough to need to be chased around the house and I could barely breathe going from the kitchen to the living room I decided enough was enough! I went on a cruise in December of 2014 and I didn’t bring any cigarettes with, and I have not had a cigarette since! I quit cold turkey, so I have no miracle workers for you in this department, but I know it was definitely a life changer for me. I was definitely a little touchy for quite some time and old habits are easy to get back into, going out to the bar was the hardest when everybody around you gets up to go outside, it wasn’t that I felt I needed one, I just felt like I should be getting up to go with them! Now I barely even recognize the fact that I used to smoke, and I sure let other people know when they smell like an ash tray!

The best part about this was that it started my healthy living adventure. This one step just escalated into more. I could run now and not be out of breath so I actually wanted to run, if I was running and losing weight I might as well start eating healthy too!

So, you don’t care about running, then why should you quit? Within 20 minutes you will start to see the benefits when your heart rate will drop towards a normal level and within 2 hours it will actually be a normal level. Circulation will also improve so your fingers and toes will start to warm up, but be careful around this time you will start to experience your withdrawals. In 12 hours your carbon monoxide will decrease and your blood oxygen levels will increase- which is good! In just 1 day your risk for a heart attack will drop, and two days in your smell and taste will be enhanced. Oh, it just keeps getting better huh!? Now, the nicotine is completely out of your body but you will start to experience nicotine withdrawals; keep fighting! In just a couple weeks you will perform exercises you never knew you were capable of- this is what got me to keep going (I could play with my son, and actually catch up to him when he tried to run away!). Your lung functions improve and breathing actually gets easier, also at two weeks your withdrawal symptoms start to disappear. In just a month your lungs will actually start to repair the cilia and can help reduce infections. And here we have it, after ONE WHOLE YEAR of being smoke free your risk of heart disease if lowered by 50%. In just five years you are going to be in a category of a non-smoker when it comes to the risk of strokes…and ten years, well your risk of cancer just dropped to half that of a smoker- and why haven’t you quit yet?! Wait, one more thing, after 15 years, you decreased your risk of heart attack, coronary artery disease, arrhythmias, angina, infections of the heart AND conditions of the heart’s beating rhythm! It isn’t easy, but it is worth it, let’s work on extending our life span, what a simple way to do it! Information courtesy of

Looking to get help quitting, check out these sites:

Or simply google, “Get Help to Quit Smoking” and there will be plenty of options!

Fun Facts:


When quitting smoking your appeal to the opposite sex could triple!

A single cigarette contains 4,800 chemicals and 69 of these are known to cause cancer.

In the US, it is legal for minors to smoke cigarettes, they just can’t buy them!

The first anti-smoking campaign was led by Hitler.

“The only safe cigarette is your last one…” –Duane Alan Hahn


3 thoughts on “Smoking

  1. Congratulations on quitting smoking! Smoking is so horrible for you health, so quitting is probably one of the best things you could do for yourself. I actually just heard the other day that smoking is at an all-time-low and that less young people are taking up smoking. It seems like smoking is finally being eradicated from people’s lives.


  2. That is amazing and very brave of you to quit cold turkey. I can imagine it being very hard at first because it was apart of your life for so long. Being in Malaysia, where EVERYONE smokes, I feel as if I am the odd one out. I am so glad the US is the opposite and smoking isn’t permitted indoors. It’s not only dangerous for the one smoking, but for the people around them.


  3. First,congratulations for quiting smoking. Although smoking has many side effects and contributor to many major health problems ,more and more people are smoking especially the youth.Cancer,hearth disease ,strokes and so on should be enough to scare people from smoking,but I guess corporations making more money is important than people’s health-literally speaking.


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