Avoid the Bloat

So my boyfriend is a water freak! If I have a headache, “Drink more water,” sore muscles, “drink more water,” tired, “drink more water”! You get the point… well we are going on vacation the end of February, and of course I’m trying for that swim suit body! I have been working hard to get where I want to be but I just seem to have that extra belly bulge and feel bloated still. Naturally I mention this to my boyfriend his response, “Dehydration!” Saw that one coming… “No,” he says, “you need to quit drinking water and get dehydrated.” Clearly we all know that is not the answer, but it got me thinking about what is the right answer to this!

Cardio exercises and eating healthy can help you get that flat stomach but often people do struggle with bloating. So what helps?! All over google it tells us about these detox drinks where you mix eye of newt, a werewolves fang, ghost sweat, etc… but who seriously has any of those items just laying around to try a detox with?! Not me clearly, so then what every day activities in your life can you change to help?


Drink MORE water! Yep, that’s right…when you don’t drink enough water your body retains fluid preparing for dehydration, drink more, and bloat less! Water also prevents constipation which can be a crumby bloat factor! *Alcohol causes dehydration; avoid alcohol to avoid water retention.

Reduce your sodium intake- put down that SALT! Also reducing sodium rich foods like cottage cheese, chips, bacon, hot dogs, etc. will help reduce the bloat.

Eat foods that are high in fiber, like berries, whole grains and kiwi. Beans are high in fiber, but these should be limited because they also can cause gas which doesn’t help the bloat! Other gassy foods are pears, broccoli, onions or carbonated drinks; try to avoid any of these.


Mix all these healthy eating choices in with a little bit of exercise (which also helps prevent constipation!) and you should be well on your way to beating the bloat!


3 thoughts on “Avoid the Bloat

  1. I read allot of mens health magazine and they recommend the same thing. Lots of water. I don’t remember the exact figure but i think they say to drink about a gallon or more a day. Thats alot of water! If you actually watch what you drink in a day for beverages that is tough to do with so many temptations of Pop and other soft drinks


  2. This was an interesting article. I did not know that when you don’t drink enough water the body retains more water to prepare for dehydration. Also, I thank you for stating foods that causes bloating -I normally eat broccoli and Onions and I had no clue that they contribute to my bloating! Very informational article.


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