Alright ladies and gentlemen, here’s a shock for you all. I have NOT tried Thrive Le-Vel. I do however know somebody who sells it, and have deeply been enticed by all the Facebook publicity that it has gotten. I have considered it of course; I just am not convinced that this magic patch can fix any problem. The Thrive Experience is said to be an 8 week plan that helps people reach peak physical and mental levels- you will live, look, and feel Ultra-Premium ( or so they say. The experience consists of capsules, shakes and a derma fusion technology (DFT) patch (aka magic patch J). Got a hang-over? Get a patch. Headache? Patch! Measles…Patch? Who knows, maybe this is the end all cure to everything, but I’m sure you sense my skepticism. I have read the reviews and I get no sway one way or another, this experience receives 5 stars or 1 star almost every time with comments such as, “It did nothing for me.” “Do not run out you will crash!” Then you have the opposite end of the spectrum, “Life changing, I cannot live without Thrive.” “Best thing that ever happened to me, I feel amazing!”

The company is relatively new, but they have made huge gains in the multi-level marketing industry. Not only are they representing their product but they are pushing their brand name as well, which has proven successful for them. I have seen the potential to earn big bucks with this company from the people around me who have soared in selling, and all there Facebook friends know it. I do not think this company is a scam by any means, I just have yet to get proof that this is real stuff and there are no side effects! I would be exuberant to hear your thoughts, experiences, and everything else you know or feel about Thrive, because this is one confused lady who just wants to know more!


Simply my opinion (although I am still willing to try anything) but there is no pill, patch, shake, etc. that will benefit you long-term. Only hard work and dedication can do this!


2 thoughts on “Thrive

  1. I agree with your opinion on this matter 150%! Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean people won’t make money off selling this, because they will. If the product works or not is inconsequential (and I’m sure it doesn’t work), the aggressive marketing will produce profits for some good salespeople. All of these types of multilevel/pyramids go the same way. A product is sold way over its real value in order for many levels of salespeople to get a little profit off it. Quite often health related items are sold because proof of them working or not is subjective. Buy-ins to sell the product also produces profits. At some point, though, the infatuation wears off and people no longer waste their money buying the overpriced product. At that point the predatory salespeople move on to the next fad to set up the next pyramid to make money off of.


  2. I am always curious person so I will go ahead and try to see if I can get “Thrive” on eBay or from the company’s website. Nowadays there are many products companies contend that they are wonderful, but end up to be just the usual products they sale with a mere name change. But as long as “Thrive” will be under $50, I will try it to see if it holds what it is preached about it.If it works ,I will come back and give a positive comment.


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