Everybody wants to work out but quite often you hear the same excuses, “I don’t have time!” I have to admit I was in this same boat for many years. I tried P90X but who has time for over an hour of directed work outs?! Well, I have found the perfect solution… 25 minute workouts! Who doesn’t have an extra 25 minutes to spare in their day?! Okay, I admit, sometimes even that is hard, but with some dedication and will power it is easier to get in a 25 minutes workout knowing that you are getting the best bang for your time. T25 offers just that!

Sean T has created a program that is 25 minutes of nonstop exercises designed to improve every aspect of your body and get you working just as hard as you would for an hour long workout. He uses focus interval training and when you think your body can’t take anymore he pushes you just a little bit further! The best part about this workout is that it starts with simple exercises and the first set of DVDs is your Alpha set which gives you the opportunity to learn the moves, and slowly build your core muscles. Alpha consists of cardio, speed 1.0, total body circuit, ab intervals, and lower focus. Just can’t handle that much exercising yet, that’s okay- they have a modifier for every video! If you find yourself struggling through, Sean encourages everyone just to keep moving and the modifier gives you easier ways to do just that. How great is that?! 5 days a week, 25 minutes a day for 5 weeks….then… you switch to Beta workouts!

Step it up just a little bit more! Once you have your base workouts nailed you are ready to increase the level of intensity just a bit (with the option of a modifier again). This Beta cycle consists of core cardio, speed 2.0, rip’t circuit, dynamic core and upper focus. Again, 5 days a week, 25 minutes a day for 5 weeks. In addition to these workouts you are also given a stretching DVD that helps you cool down from a week of hard work. A quick, easy solution that gives you real results, I’m loving this work out for sure!



One thought on “T25

  1. Kjschreier I saw your blog entitled T25 and had to give it a peak if heard so much talk about it over the past year or so, it seems everywhere you go someone is chatting about T25 this or T25 that. Your blog hammers a good testimonial of better describing what and how T25 works I like how you talked about the different Alpha disc and the breakdown of interval exercises. I haven’t been much for one to participate in work out videos but if the opportunity arises I might just have to jump right in now!


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