Meal Replacement Shakes

I have been one to try just about anything when it comes to weight loss! One of the easiest things for me has been doing a meal replacing shake for either breakfast or dinner. It’s super convenient, and usually they aren’t the worst tasting either! It always gives me a way to “healthily” get my chocolate fix! J Anyways… not all meal replacement shakes are as good as they claim to be and it can be difficult to know what is best for you. So what is the best shake?

There are so many different kinds of shakes, so I am going to keep this simple and go with the most commonly known, and the best for you so there isn’t any information overload!

Shakeology- this is what I am currently using right now, yuck! I tried the chocolate and I can hardly choke it down. The cost is quite outrageous too, however the nutritional value is great for this shake so overall it has been rated with an A-. Not terrible, if you can get past the taste (and of course the taste is just my preference).

Advocare- I used this right before I tried Shakeology. Loved the taste- this was my ultimate chocolate fix!! However, the nutritional value, not so hot, and the amount of sugar in this shake is undesirable. The Price was however somewhat cheaper than Shakeology but the lack of nutritional value left this shake rated at a B+.

Visalus- I have not tried this for some time but it has actually been my personal favorite. The taste was great, the price was reasonable and the nutritional value was exceedingly appropriate for a replacement shake. The appetite blocker of this shake was a little bit lower but its overall rating was an A.

Slimfast- Alright, everybody who has considered a meal replacement shake has likely tried Slimfast. It is located right at Walmart and isn’t terribly expensive, of course you’re going to give it a whirl! Best of all, they don’t taste too bad. However, they lack in both appetite suppressants and in nutritional value so overall with a B rating this may not be the best choice to spend your money on.

Alright are you ready for the number one shake?! (completely based on my opinion and the minimal reading that I have done on the topic- please feel free to share your ideas and recommendations should you feel differently!)

IdealShape- This shake will give you 50 percent of your recommended daily intake for vitamins and nutrients which is a pretty good supplement! It is a low carb drink and does a great job of curbing hunger. The taste is desirable and the overall rating is an A+. It seems to be the shake of choice for most!

My statistics here were found at and in addition to my own thoughts!



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