Shakeology Three Day Refresh


Getting back into the swing of things after the Holidays can be pretty rough, especially when it comes to eating habits. We all make those New Year resolutions to start eating healthy or lose X amount of pounds, but how many of us actually stick to it. How many of us find we even think about it a month into the New Year? Here is a great way to jump start your healthy eating after the holidays, the Shakeology 3-day Refresh. Shout out to my beachbody coach Billie Gervais for introducing me to this! I actually am on my third day of this right now and I strangely find myself craving yogurt (huge change from the typical chocolate cake!). I first started reading all the pamphlets I got when I ordered this challenge and all the testimonials talk about how great it was, and how they weren’t even hungry- they lied! I have been starving through this whole thing and find myself grabbing an extra orange here and there whenever I get a chance. “It’s only three days,” is what I keep telling myself, you can do this! Day 1- get your system going with 8-10 oz. of water, followed up by a Shakeology shake and 1 serving of fruit. Mid-morning you take the fiber sweep that is provided for you to help with your digestive system. Afternoon consists of the Vanilla Fresh shake that is also included in the refresh, 1 serving of fruit, 1 serving of vegetables, and 1 serving of a healthy fat. You are even allowed an afternoon snack; consisting of 1 serving of vegetables and one serving of a healthy fat. Dinner is a second Vanilla Fresh shake, 1 serving from the dinner recipe list, and 1 cup vegetable broth (optional). You also have the option of adding in unsweetened herbal tea in the morning, afternoon, and evening, but I opted out of this. Healthy fat examples are hummus, avocado, or coconut oil and a few dinner recipes are steamed veggies, roasted asparagus, or a spinach salad. Repeat this for three days and you’re done! The pounds lost help give you that extra boost to let you know that you CAN do this, beginning of day three and I am already down three pounds! A little bit of motivation never hurts. However I do have tacos waiting in my fridge for when I can eat again tomorrow. I just now know that smaller portions and healthier choices are the answer and I will not have to go through this torture again!



3 thoughts on “Shakeology Three Day Refresh

  1. Kim,I might try the shakeology you proposed here. It sounds like something interesting .You said that you lost three pounds in three days? That is impressive ,I wonder what is contained in the shakeology to make it that effective in short time. It won’t hurt to try it .If it works for me ,I will be the first one to preach it to all of my friends and everyone I can get hold of. I didn’t make a new year’s resolution ,but it is still January so l make one today :Shakeology !


    1. I honestly think it was the lack of good that caused the weight loss that happened during the three day refresh! Which isn’t necessarily healthy but it is supposed to be a way to jump start healthy choices and it has definitely worked! I now find myself reaching for strawberries over chocolate and just being more conscious of what I am consuming- keep watching some of my blogs I have a few other posts that might be helpful for you too on these programs!


    2. Thanks for sharing! It is really hard to start to eat healthier after the holidays! Sounds like a great thing to try for people who are trying to start to eat more healthy! I should try it sometime. I have never made a New Years resolution maybe I should some day.


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