Let’s Get Started

To be completely honest I have no idea how to blog, or even what to blog about. Yay for assignments that take us out of our comfort zone! My family has always considered me to be the “Technology Expert” and I am starting to get seriously concerned with how out of touch they might be if they consider me the expert. However, I am ready to take a stab at this and get started on my blogging adventure! I have hesitantly started developing a passion for healthy living- I say hesitantly because I have no idea what I am doing, and to be honest it isn’t always fun! But it is a much needed change in my life so my feeble attempt will hopefully be a successful one. I think this blog will give me a great opportunity to learn a little more about healthy diets, exercise, and of course everybody’s favorite; multi-level marketing (i.e. Advocare, Shakeology, Thrive, etc.(I will admit I am a sucker for them all)).   MLM3

All the previously mentioned things have been a huge part of my attempt at learning about healthy living so I want to share with you what I have learned, and learn new things with you as well! So followers, let’s get started! healthy-living-300x300


2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Started

  1. Kim I really enjoyed your enthusiasm and am looking forward to watching your blog take off! I too am new to this blogging game, so we will have to learn together. You’ve managed to rope me in with your certainly relatable family technology story (I am the youngest and somehow that make me the appointed technology “wizard”) and promise of a blog focused on becoming healthier something I too would love to do. I am excited to be a part of the healthy blog ride and look forward to learning and hopefully utilizing some of the information!


  2. Hi Kim!
    Way to take the plunge into the blog world and healthy living. This class project may end up being something that you really enjoy and aids you in your quest to change some ways you were doing things. It’s fun to share what you are learning and I personally enjoy gleaning information other people have found. I look forward to reading what you learn on this journey you are undertaking and applying things to my own life. Best of luck to you! Nicole


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